Being affiliated to CBSE, the school follows the CBSE pattern of assessment. The examination from Academic Year 2019-20 onwards will be conducted as per the remodelled Periodic Assessment Structure

Scholastic Area

CBSE Uniform Pattern of Assessment Exam for class IX and X (2022-23)

Periodic Test 1 Periodic Test 2 Periodic Test 3 Multiple Assessment Portfolio SEA Written Term II
40 40 40 5 5 5 80
Best two reduced to 5

Co-Scholastic Area

The school will promote co-curricular activities for the holistic development of the students. These activities will be graded on a 5-point grading scale.

  • Art Education
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Work experience

Discipline (Attendance, Sincerity, Behaviour, Values)

Discipline significantly impacts career shaping and it helps build character. Sincerity, good behaviour and values develop strength and foster unity and co-operation. Therefore, the elements of discipline will be graded on a Five-point scale (A to E).

General Guidelines

  • The candidate has to secure 33% marks in aggregate in overall result.
  • The candidate has to score 33% out of 20 internal marks in each subject.
  • The candidate has to score 33% out of 80 written marks in each subject.
  • A student having less than 75% attendance in an academic session will not be permitted to appear in the Terminal Examination.
  • It is mandatory to appear in all Examinations to be eligible for promotion.