Principal's Message


Education plays an important role in enabling the child to face a real life situation with an adequate knowledge. Santhome Public School Mira Road, endeavours to provide an exemplary education to its students in a student friendly and joyful endeavours.

Every student in our school is a valued member of our school community. Keeping in our mind the divers needs and creative abilities of students, the school is committed to impart an effective education that academically excellent and empowers students to reach their full potentials- spiritually, physically, socially and morally.

The School management is committed to creating an atmosphere in which the best for learning thrives and students are trained not only academically but also to be individuals of convictions and values.

All programmes are of student- centered and provide ample opportunities for the development of leadership and self-assurance. Students are motivated to pursue excellence to the fullest so as to develop all the dimensions of their personalities. Individually and collectively let's work to serve for the cause of education, for the betterment of the coming generation. Let our boys and girls grow as world-class citizens - a generation of eminent thinkers and planners contributing to a better world order.